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Dear Guests, Customers, and Community Members,

Our spirits are uplifted by seeing so many of our Team Members, Guests, Customers, and Community Members working together in our great Communities throughout our Mid-West! We have such appreciation in seeing everyone working together in support of each other so productively! Thank you to the many individuals in the various industries of healthcare, delivery service individuals, and everyone working together everywhere to take care of each other in so many ways! We are in Support of our Communities!

We are open for Business, and ready, willing, and wanting to assist and serve you, our Guest, Customer, and Community in any way we can! We want to be of service to you in person or online - however and where ever you feel the most comfortable. We want to remain productive, engaged, and of Service for the Health and Well-Being of our Communities. Staying engaged in Commerce is healthy for all of us, while everyone's Health, Well-being, and Safety is a top priority!

The Health, Wellness, and Safety of our Team Members, their Families, our Guests and Customers, and our Communities, is our top priority, now and always! The Mills Automotive Group and Radco Truck Accessory Stores all have our regular Health and Wellness procedures ramped up even further! We are taking direction from the World Health Organization (WHO) ; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ; our Automotive Manufacturers; and our National and State Government Agencies, and we have been and are responding accordingly.

All of our 5 Dealership locations; Truck Center department; Collision Center location; Parts Center location; Route Drivers; Mills Auto Xtreme departments; and all of our 11 Radco Truck Accessory Store locations remain open, available, ready, and wanting to create Excellent Experiences for our Guests and Customers! We are here to Serve You!

We have already taken additional measures for the Health and Safety of our Team Members and Guests and Customers. We have established and instituted the following at all of our Mills Automotive Group and Radco locations:

  • Increased cleaning and sanitizing of all Guest/Customer touch points - door handles, Guest Lounge, Restrooms, heavily trafficked areas, wiping down vehicles before and after service and test drives, and in addition, many other touch points.
  • Team Members wearing gloves - Technicians, Service Team Members, Custodial, Vehicle Appraisal Team Members, Estimators, and Our Parts Delivery Representatives.
  • Team Members are further educated on the importance of proper hand washing and hygiene.
  • Team Members who are ill will remain home.
  • Our Warm smiles and personalities are our World Class Greeting instead of handshakes for now!
  • Please call one of our Radco retail locations near you, for us to ship your Truck Accessory products to you!
  • We take orders on for purchasing your Truck Accessories to be delivered to your home as well!
  • At all of our Mills Automotive Group locations, we will bring vehicles to Guests who are considering a vehicle purchase!  
  • At all of our Mills Automotive Group locations, we will pick-up and deliver vehicles to and from Service if desired! 

We continue to have our wonderful Team here to assist and be of service to you at our stores and facilities, at your own homes or places of work, or at for any of your vehicle purchasing and servicing needs and desires, or at for purchasing your Truck Accessory needs and desires!

We are continuing to monitor the evolving situation and ensure that we are responding to updated factual information from the trusted authorities. We will continue to update our procedures and protocols as needed and as is essential, for the Health, Well-Being, and Safety of ourselves and everyone we come in contact with!

In addition to the above, we are also in further support of the energetic well-being of our Communities in many other ways as well. We encourage 'presencing' - being present with oneself and others in the now, personal growth, and self-exploration at any time and all the time; and at critical times for ourselves and others when various feelings surface, especially fear. At the Mills Automotive and Radco, one of our Core Vales is Self-Responsibility within our individual lives and within our collective business. We believe taking self-responsibility for befriending one's own feelings, experiences, decisions, and choices is important. Awareness of and being present with one's own feelings and experiences allows an individual to be more resourceful in their own life, and to create more Response-abilty, thus having access to further choices within!

We share the following resources from The Hendricks Institute, which I have received training from for 9 years and my Coaching Certification from, in positive support of our Communities!:
There are many, many other resources out in the world that are of great value to assist on the great and wild Human Being journey of life! We encourage you to research and reach out to gather the feedback and resources that are of service to you and supporting your personal experience at this time! Now is the time!

We look forward to continuing to work together with, and in support of, our Team Members, our Guests and Customers, and our Communities, as we have since 1922!

With Much Love,
Marisa Mae Mills
Mills Automotive Group / Radco