core values

Honesty and Integrity

We will be truthful, straightforward, and act with moral character in every facet of our business and interactions.  We will always do what is right, not what is easy, cheap, popular, or convenient, and we will do so without excuse and regardless of the cost.


We will serve one another, our Guests, and our Customers quickly, and find reasons to do things NOW, rather than to delay, debate or procrastinate.

Responsibility and Accountability

We are responsible for satisfying the needs of our Guests and Customers for all products and services.  We are individually accountable for our own performance to achieve our expected results, and to demonstrate to our Guests and Customers that we are enthusiastic about them.

Personal and Corporate Growth

We will all work as hard on ourselves as we do on our job.  Getting better is the ONLY option.  Our individual and collective growth enhances the quality of our lives and contributes to the realization of our dreams and aspirations.


We will put the good of the Team before the personal comfort or agenda of any individual Team Member.  To maximize our collective impact, we inspire, challenge and support each other to be our best and achieve our Team's common purpose.

We are a team of high achieving individuals!  We express our passions, desires, and drive through our creative and fun energy every day!  We create a fun and upbeat culture in which our goals are met, our purpose thrives, and we exude joy!

Mission statement

Since 1922, Mills has built a family tradition of trust through honesty and integrity.  We are a high achieving, results oriented Team, who express our individual passions, desires and drive through our creative and fun energy every day!  We develop mutual, long-term relationships with our Guests and Customers by exceeding their expectations, and creating world class experiences!

About Us

A building big enough to hold more than two football fields..

The Willmar Industrial Park in Willmar, MN is where you’ll find the Mills Parts Center and its $11 million in wholesale automotive parts. More than 100 people clock-in most work days. About 20 of them are inside sales representatives who handle an average of 2,500 phone calls per day from customers.

The specialized warehouse crew accounts for most of the staff. Some of them drive up and down 21 narrow rows with shelves on both sides (20 feet high) on special motorized vehicles with large lift platforms (a fork lift on steroids) to “pick” and handle about of 3,500 automotive parts of all shapes and sizes.
Urgency is always in the air because most parts are for delivery the next day. They are packed in 27 trucks. Each truck will travel nearly 300 miles to make about 700 deliveries to customers in Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota and Wisconsin.

The Mills Parts Center is really good at it. After all they’ve been moving parts more than 25 years. Mills Parts Center opened in 1990.

Back to the 2 football fields.  One high school football field is about 57,600 square feet. Mills Parts Center covers nearly 160,000 square feet!!

When It Comes To Parts, We Are Warriors!

Mills Parts Center     Phone: 320-214-5400     Toll Free: 800-247-1158     Fax 866-235-6700     Email:

Our Business is About Enhancing Yours! 

  • Over $11 Million in inventory for efficiency and improved cycle time; 
  • The largest crash parts in the Upper Midwest; 
  • 20 experienced Specifiers with 400+ years of Parts Experience; 
  • 20 professional Delivery representatives; 
  • 29 Dedicated warehouse employees; 
  • 7 OEM lines from our newly expanded, state-of-the-art 158,000 sq. ft. facility; 
  • Hassle-Free Daily Return Pickup and
  • Progressive Volume Purchase Discounts!  

At the Mills Parts Center,


IS JOB # 1!

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